Knickerbocker Beauties


The trailhead is near the Cool, CA fire station along CA 49.  We headed south and were passed by numerous dirt bikers.  There are low spots that collect water, and this beauty floated lazily over the submerged grasses.


These bright lovely personates were blooming in little clumps and stood about 4-5 inches tall, mostly in shadier areas, but hidden alone among grasses in more open spaces.


Quite a little tiny thrill here!  Manzanita in bloom.  The petals fell off revealing its inner heart.


This old structure is decorated with clumps of bulbs in bloom, including narcissus, daffodils, and nut and fruit trees.  There is an old wringer washer still there.


and this strangely located little tile floor…..?


These tree blooms were enormous!


And just perfectly beautiful!


This picturesque contraption may aid you along the way.  A Jetboil would be better, but hasn’t got near the character.


These beauties were on our way out of the old walnut orchard and homestead, back to the trail and back to Cool.  For a 6.7 mile hike over rolling foothills, through oak woodlands, around a few small ponds, some historic grinding rocks, and two creek crossings, this is a great hike!


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